Custom Pages for Discourse


There are some forum softwares that allow people to create custom pages using BBCode (in this case it would be markdown). Here is how I would see it:

At the bottom of the Content tab in the admin panel would be a button that said “new”. When you click it, you can enter a title, slug (url), and content. Pretty simple I guess.

There is a branch created by another user so it might now be that hard to implement.

Maybe before 1.0.0?

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Couldn’t we just create a new topic and then lock it?


Yeah, that would work, I guess. But it would be better if there were pages.

The idea of being able to create custom page is really good, is there any plan for this feature in near future?

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create a plugin for that customize,
i send a commit for that


Awesome. Hopefully it gets pulled!

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I hope; if dont pull we will create a plugin for that

@Qasem_h - awesome work man, thanks! :smile:

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I sure would like to see this.

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Do we have any progress on this plugin @Qasem_h ? :smile:

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Same. I would love it if there was a plugin that did something similar to
how the TOS and FAQ work where there is a post that we can edit which
updates the page.