Custom sender email address and SMTP


How can I get the invite emails and other related emails to go out from a different email address than the one that has been set up by default?
Also is there a way we could use AWS SES to send out the emails instead?

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Change SMTP Settings:

For purchased Discourse, contact their support. If you have access to your app.yml and can change SMTP settings, you should be fine. I’ve never purchased hosting from Discourse so I don’t know how container settings are configured.

For a self-hosted Discourse, you need to edit your app.yml with your SMTP settings, then rebuild your container (./launcher rebuild app).

Amazon SES:

You will need to create SMTP credentials for your account, add them to your app.yml, and thoroughly test to ensure emails are being sent, bounces and rejects are being logged, etc. Initially, you will run in sandbox mode, which only works with verified domains (domains you can add DKIM records to).

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, file a request to go into Production mode, where full privileges are allowed and your email limit is raised.

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