Custom text has disappeared

Hi, after a few hours renaming various default Discourse terms (admin > customisation > text) I have updated our forum to the latest release…only to noticed all text has been returned to default. I have backups is there anyway to wave a magic wand and restore the text, or am I back on the edit button this afternoon?

This is a long shot, but If the allow user locale setting is enabled on your site, make sure that you are logged into the site with the same locale as you were using when you updated the text. For example, if you were using the ‘English’ locale when you made the changes, and then selected the ‘English (United States)’ locale, the text that you changed would not be used.

Assuming that the above is not the cause of the issue, do you see any of your changes when you select the ‘Only show overridden’ checkbox that’s near the top of the Admin / Customize / Text page?


Bang on. Thank you! It was indeed the allow user locale setting.

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