[object Object] in top menu even after updating to v1.5.0.beta6 +23

(Stan Tyan) #1

Hi All,

Yes, I’ve read a couple of threads about this issue, but still I don’t know when to wait for a solution.

Is it ok, if I still have this issue even updating to the latest v1.5.0.beta6 +23 build?

Thanks in advance!

(Robin Ward) #2

You definitely should not be getting it in that build. It looks like your locale is english right? Have you changed or customized the locale in any way?

(Stan Tyan) #3

I’m using this plugin GitHub - Mittineague/custom-text: A simple Discourse plugin to customize a few strings. Should I uninstall this plugin?

(Robin Ward) #4

It couldn’t hurt to try disabling it and seeing if it fixes it. You should not be seeing that in English.

Also, Discourse now supports changing text via the admin section:

(Stan Tyan) #5

WHAAAAT?? :smiley: Amazing news!! Thank you so much!

Rebuilding now without the change-text plugin.

(Stan Tyan) #6

It worked! Thank you so much for help! I appreciate it a lot!

(Robin Ward) #7