[object Object] in top menu even after updating to v1.5.0.beta6 +23

Hi All,

Yes, I’ve read a couple of threads about this issue, but still I don’t know when to wait for a solution.

Is it ok, if I still have this issue even updating to the latest v1.5.0.beta6 +23 build?

Thanks in advance!

You definitely should not be getting it in that build. It looks like your locale is english right? Have you changed or customized the locale in any way?


I’m using this plugin https://github.com/Mittineague/custom-text to customize a few strings. Should I uninstall this plugin?

It couldn’t hurt to try disabling it and seeing if it fixes it. You should not be seeing that in English.

Also, Discourse now supports changing text via the admin section:


WHAAAAT?? :smiley: Amazing news!! Thank you so much!

Rebuilding now without the change-text plugin.

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It worked! Thank you so much for help! I appreciate it a lot!