Some of Site Texts doesn't accept changes

Some of the site texts are displayed in their original form no matter how much we change them. So far we have only seen this happen in messages or notifications.

For example in the following message:

You’ve reached the maximum number of likes. Please wait %{time_left} before trying again.

If you need more items, please tell me :pray: :slight_smile:

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When I try customizing the rate_limiter.by_type.create_like text on my site, the customized text is displayed when a user exceeds the max likes per day setting . What version of Discourse is your site using? What is the default locale for your site? Is the allow user locale setting enabled on your site?

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What version of Discourse is your site using?
We are using version 2.6.0.beta2

What is the default locale for your site?
In Site Settings: fa_IR
In app.yml: (not set)

Is the allow user locale setting enabled on your site?
No, It’s disabled

The same problem can be seen in the text below:

(topic withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in %{count} hours unless flagged)


I have exactly the same mysterious thing with some text customization.

The user local settings is disable.

With the latest version of Discourse I rebuild and update it a few hours ago.

My default language is Hungarian.
I can only change those text if I edit English version. So it might be connect to English. If I edit English it rewrite Hungarian also. :thinking:

That issue will be fixed by this PR:

That’s a different problem. It might be a regression. I’m looking into it.

@nildarar and @dodesz: Have you considered contributing translations at instead of customizing untranslated strings in the admin panel? That way other users would benefit from your efforts as well.


I can’t reproduce the problem. I switched my test forum to Persian (فارسی), customized js.topic.deleted_by_author.other, deleted the topic and the customized text showed up.

Do you mean by the “same problem”, that you see English text when you customize that string? That’s because it’s not translated into Persian yet. You can do that on Crowdin – here’s a direct link to that string.

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I just customized text with different kind of slangs to make language and forum more personal. That’s why I didn’t translate yet on the official way. But I think here is the time to join Crowdin and translate. Thank you Gerhard! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @gerhard, for following this issue.

Yes, I’m very interested in being able to help. But there are two problems for me in this regard:

  1. Due to the vastness of the dictionary, translating in an environment outside of discourse is a difficult task and in many cases requires test and preview. And this is the problem with the current translation. Words are not translated in the right place. I wish there was a way for us to submit translations directly from Discourse to the community. This did prevent many problems.

  2. We use our own literature in the community and have given specific names for different capabilities. That is, there is no equivalent translation for words such as Topic, Replay, OP, Like, etc. in our forum. We also translated our texts and messages into slang to make it more user-friendly. So we have to do this personalization locally.

Yes, exactly, when the user deletes a topic, the English text of this message is displayed, while we changed this text in the site settings.

I have tried several times to collaborate on translations, but when I do not see the text in the right place, I can not understand its true meaning. That’s why I can’t provide a good translation. I do not know if this method in translation is correct or not. I am glad to know your opinion in this regard.

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I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce the issue. In my tests the customized text shows up on the client even when there’s no existing translation at the time of customization.

That’s on our roadmap. I’m hoping we can get this done within the next 6-12 month.

In that case using “Customize Text” is the right choice. That’s exactly why we built that feature.

The way I usually do it is that whenever I see an untranslated string, I go to Crowdin, search for the untranslated string and contribute my translation. I know that going through the whole list of untranslated strings on Crowdin can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where those strings are used. That’s why I recommend doing it the other way around.


Thanks, so let me check back, maybe I can give you more information.

That’s very exciting :blush: :+1:

This feature is brilliant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for your good suggestion, I wish there was a way for us to manually update the approved discourse translations from Crowdin. This way we could record general changes in Crowdin and update the translations every week. Changing the translation and waiting for monthly updates makes it a little hard.
Sorry to bother you with my ideas.

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We recently started to update translations on a weekly basis (every Tuesday). Maybe that helps…