Custom theme and banners

(Jeremy M) #1

So at Auth0 we’ve been looking at putting in place custom theme/banners, and like the following:

@HAWK suggested that I start up a topic to discuss this… So here goes!


Hey. So I did!

Those two examples are pretty different.

FeverBee has conditional logic and some reasonably heavy CSS/Javascript. @joebuhlig would be your best bet here (although it’s been changed up a lot since I first commissioned you, Joe).

@dax could probably help you achieve something like New Relic fairly simply.

What is it about those that you like or want to replicate specifically?

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Hey, Jeremy! If you want to talk about something super custom, you can email me at But that would only be necessary if you didn’t find a theme that fits your needs or can be tweaked to get there.

(Jeremy M) #4

So I have been looking at the banner theme thread and I think that’s at least my starting point. Given the type of stuff in our community I am really thinking we need some conditional logic but need to think through all the pieces.

(Jeremy M) #5

Hey @joebuhlig - I’ll be reaching out. I’m working through some ideas in my head that are similar to what Feverbee has and haven’t found a specific theme that achieves that - if you know of one that could be a starting point that might be helpful.

(Joe Buhlig) #6

I don’t know of any that make that possible outside of the custom themes we’ve done to date.