Custom theme and banners

So at Auth0 we’ve been looking at putting in place custom theme/banners, and like the following:

@HAWK suggested that I start up a topic to discuss this… So here goes!


Hey. So I did!

Those two examples are pretty different.

FeverBee has conditional logic and some reasonably heavy CSS/Javascript. @joebuhlig would be your best bet here (although it’s been changed up a lot since I first commissioned you, Joe).

@dax could probably help you achieve something like New Relic fairly simply.

What is it about those that you like or want to replicate specifically?


Hey, Jeremy! If you want to talk about something super custom, you can email me at But that would only be necessary if you didn’t find a theme that fits your needs or can be tweaked to get there.


So I have been looking at the banner theme thread and I think that’s at least my starting point. Given the type of stuff in our community I am really thinking we need some conditional logic but need to think through all the pieces.


Hey @joebuhlig - I’ll be reaching out. I’m working through some ideas in my head that are similar to what Feverbee has and haven’t found a specific theme that achieves that - if you know of one that could be a starting point that might be helpful.


I don’t know of any that make that possible outside of the custom themes we’ve done to date.