Custom user fields show on Activity, but not Summary page

Here’s what the settings for a custom user field look like:

If you click a user’s avatar on a post, you get the user card. That works as expected, but if you click the avatar on the user card, you get to /users/USER/summary. The summary page does not have the Custom field on it, but it’s the activity page that has the user bio and custom fields.

What would I expect

I think I’d expect that the BIO, location, URL, custom user fields and whatnot be displayed on the Summary, not activity page. If somehow it makes more sense that it be on the activity page, then I’d expect that the first user page I get to be the one that has the custom fields and whatnot on it (so point people first to the activity page that has the full user information on it).


This might be a bug based on @eviltrout switching the default user page tab around recently?

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I agree with the proposed change here.

I feel we should do 2 things

  1. Change the “Summary” tab so its the first tab on the page.
  2. Change it so “Summary” has the expanded user profile and not “activity”

Losing out on “trust level”, “views”, “last seen”, “bio” and so on when you click on a user is losing out on too much.


Yeah this is not a bug, it’s just that information is only on the Activity tab as that used to be the default. Now that it’s no longer the default you have to click over to it to see it.

What @sam suggests would probably be good.


Done via:


Looks good, I wish the transition to the user page was less jerky, but that is a topic for another topic :slight_smile:


Is the default supposed to be the Activity tab now or the Summary tab?


IIRC it should be Activity when looking at “yourself” and Summary for any other user.


That’s what I see on meta. My site is showing Activity for all users so submitted a support request.

You can view source on your site to see the version and compare to meta. Meta is latest checkins we typically deploy our hosted sites once every week or two.

Hmm… I am seeing summary page by default for users on your site.


Hmm. Not me. Tried clearing cache and logged in and out. I am on most recent release 49d8. Android Galaxy S7 + Chrome. Same on desktop.

@techAPJ It appears that logged in users on my site are still seeing the activity page not summary. I thought would post it here in case anyone else is seeing that on their site. I am on beta 8. If you can upgrade me to latest, I will test it again. Thanks.

We recently pushed custom themes feature which is currently being extensively tested.

The new version should be deployed on your instance in next 2-3 days.


The latest update resolved this issue. Thanks.