Custom, white label mobile apps


I have just completed a development process with @pmusaraj. He built custom, white label mobile apps for our Discourse community. In my opinion, he did an outstanding job in every way. If you are looking for a custom, white label mobile app, then I would recommend you definitely consider Penar for your project.


I cant seem to message him yet. @pmusaraj how much to set this up?

Will respond with pricing details in private. Thanks for the recommendation @outofthebox

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This seems really interesting. Any chance you can offer up some previews?

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You can download the RZIM Connect app to get a sense.

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Is it available on google play?

It is on google play

Thanks for your efforts. Is the code open source? Obviously those who care about privacy will want to inspect the source code to ensure their communications are being handled with the utmost of care.

The code for the base app is shared here:


How much is a white-label mobile app please? I can’t message you yet, I just signed up.

I’m not currently available to work on on app, sorry.