Customers page and Atoms reference

On your customer page there is a quote of a GitHub employee:

The link goes to where you find the expected Discourse forum but a header banner that says:

We will shut down the Atom Discuss forum on May 1st

The Atom community is moving to GitHub Discussions! :tada: GitHub Discussions is a collaborative forum where community members can answer questions, share updates, invite open-ended conversations, and make decisions affecting the community’s way of working. Discussions live in the project repository, so they’re accessible where our community is already working together.

We enabled Discussions on the Atom repository in March and have already seen some great interaction. If you haven’t tried Discussions yet, we recommend that you do!

To me, this is not the best reference I would expect when browsing the customers page and just see the recommended customer is actually leaving Discourse.


My suggestion would be to not link to the Atom community as a customer reference anymore.


Thank you for writing this up, we’ll update the page soon :handshake:


Hi @uwe_keim – we’ve fixed this up. Thanks for pointing it out!