Discourse for discussions: superiority to e.g. GitHub

From spring and summer 2016:

Certainly awful compared to Discourse :slight_smile: IMHO.


Are there other, more recent and/or substantial case studies?

Constructive criticisms?

Food for thought

Not all related to Discourse …

mailcow mailserver suite:

… we now have a Discourse instance online for you to find help installing/configuring mailcow!

We can finally stop using Github as our forum and keep using it for real issues and bugs. :slight_smile:


Github issues are not made for this type of discussion, you should only use github for discussion on code and implementation or problems, the forums should be used otherwise


… we try not to use GitHub for discussion. I think we have all the information we need in this issue, if you’d like to continue discussion please see the online forums. Thanks!


GitHub is not a discussion forum, it literally is one of the worst platforms you can choose for that. …

:anchor: T11268 integration with discourse forums – Phabricator (closed, wontfix):

From a usability perspective, I find the forum software discourse a lot better for discussions …

Why you must not ask questions on Github issues – Medium (2016-08-09)

Two-way sync GitHub issue tracker - As seen on issuepress.co

Last but not least (this topic should not be an exercise in bashing GitHub): Suggestion: Introduce a Discussion tab Β· Issue #44 Β· dear-github/dear-github