Customise 'Add Event' Button in Composer


New Discourse Admin here (been roped into doing a 2.4 to 3.* migration) - sorry in advance for the silly questions:

I’m trying to customise the date picker in the composer window.

In our 2.4 install it displays as ‘Add Date and Time’, but in 3.1 it’s just to calendar icon.

I’ve worked out that the button needs to following changed:

The button’s class to be changed from:

class="add-event btn no-text btn-icon"


class="add-event btn no-text btn-icon"

and a span to be added into the button

<span class="d-button-label">Add Date and Time<!----></span>

So it goes from


I cannot find any existing customisation (in Theme or Theme Components) which caused it in 2.4.

Can anyone advice the best way of making these changes in 3.1+?



You have two settings that remove the button label.

  • Global: events event label no text

  • Per category:

Make sure you did not enable one of those two options!


Worked a charm - thanks so much, it’s amazing how many settings are hidden unless you know what to look for,

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Honestly, I had to look at the code; it was initially unclear to me. :smile:

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