How to customize editor button? (remove couple option)

For example

How do I remove these option?

What’s the best way to do it?

just use CSS display:none?
something like{
   display: none;

it work, but is this the best way?


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I don’t know if it might be the “best” way to do it. But it certainly is the simplest way to do it.

If you take it out of the DOM there is the possibility that users could add it back in (like you did using your dev tools to remove it)

If you wanted to take it out completely it would involve removing it from the output which is not so simple to do.

So I guess the question is why do you want to remove them. Is the goal to simply tidy up the options display or to deter or prevent users from having those options?


Thanks for reply!
I simply want tidy up,
I am just asking in case there are better way, now I would keep using this CSS way~

Thanks again!

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