Customise email notifications to mimic "real" emails

Would it be possible to do this?

If so, has it been done already? I’d like to have a look.

I suppose the first question is - which are the relevant email templates, if any?


Sorry but I don’t quite get what you mean with ‘Customize email notifications to mimic “real” emails’, do you have an example of how do you want them to look?

Check this topic to learn more about email templates: How to customize specific email templates

You can see the templates in your site, in /admin/customize/email_templates/.


Thanks for the link.

I’m not 100% sure myself. I suppose I mean the typical stuff you get in an email like, before the penultimate message,

-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan
Sent: 17 June 2021 11:49

Anyway, I’ll read the guide you linked to and experiment with what’s possible :slight_smile:

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Incidentally, after editing my last post, I got a message saying it had been edited by another user and I couldn’t edit it. It must have been the American changing customise :uk: to customize :us: Anyway, my changes did take effect, but when I go to edit it again the unchanged text is there without the additional paragraph.

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oops! sorry, I thought you made a typo there but I see it was correct so I reverted it :laughing:

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Haha thanks - I suppose a lot depends on what spelling you think most people will search for in future - but that’ll explain why when I was writing the “Incidentally” post I hit the same bug (adding italics, told I couldn’t edit, edit went through anyway, now the edit icon leads to the unedited text).

Edit… weirdly, now the unedited text for both posts show up on the topic page, not just the edit window… I give up!

Looks like my editing problem above was Edit Conflict: That post was edited by another user and your changes can no longer be saved

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