Customizable email templates set incomplete

We are customizing some of the email templated to be found in /admin/customize/email_templates. The user templates are there (user posted etc). However we do not find the group templates in there.

When I check the email logs having sent a group mention notification email, it refers to group_mentioned email format. I guess there is another for group PMs. However they are missing from the list of customizable templates. Can they be added please?

Thank you!

The missing group_mention email template looks like be identical to the main user post email template.

Just that it can’t be edited it it’s not in the list of templates… can it be added?

Another template seems to be missing - i get an uncustomized email notification when watching a first post on a topic for a certain tag. I assume there should be a template for that in there somewhere? In fact I am guessing that there are a load of templates missing from the list?

Nothing is missing, you’ll just need to search for the words that match those texts. Every single character of text is customizable in Discourse.


Hi Jeff, thanks for your reply. I am referring to the customizable email templates in Admin section:

I will post below the full list of user notification email templates (I have stripped out the system messages) in this customization section in Admin, from it I hope you can see there are indeed missing templates?

There is for example no group_mention template to customize, nor user_following:

  • [Account Created]
  • [Admin Login]
  • [Confirm New Email]
  • [Confirm Old Email]
  • [Forgot Password]
  • [Notify Old Email]
  • [Pending Users Reminder]
  • [Set Password]
  • [Signup]
  • [Signup After Approval]
  • [User Invited Group to PM]
  • [User Invited to PM]
  • [User Invited to Topic]
  • [User Linked]
  • [User Mentioned]
  • [User Posted]
  • [User Posted PM]
  • [User Quoted]
  • [User Replied]
  • [Welcome Invite]
  • [Welcome User]

Nothing is missing, you need to search for the text inside the messages to find it. Use the search area in Admin, Customize, Text Content.

Every single character of text in Discourse can be modified. Every. Single. Character.


Gosh, that is absolutely wonderful. Thank you @codinghorror

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I suddenly feel a strong urge to attempt to disprove this statement :nerd_face:

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