Email templates - which I need to edit? Can I customize the sequence?


I’m setting up a new Discourse forum and I want to customize the templates. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure when each of those emails is sent.

Some are obvious (like digest email, etc.) but for others just a template name is not enough IMO. In my case we want to have closed forum for now, so users can be only invited by us using email. Then they get the email for setting their password. I figured out which templates to edit by trigerring the invite process and inspecting contents of each template - not ideal :/.

So two questions:

  • How do I figure out when each email is sent and what templates I need to customize? Any other way than looking at code and inspecting contents of each template?
  • Is it possible to customize the emails sequence? E.g. in my case send one more “Welcome email” after the password is set up?

Thanks in advance for help.

The main way to do this is observe the emails that get sent, note which words are used in the email, then search for those words.

Some of the most commonly edited email templates are listed in this topic: How to customize email templates.