Customize badge page CSS


(François Douville) #1

I don’t know how to put a margin 18px

Banner themes (and instructions for customizing them)
(Denis Heraud) #2

Can you be more precise? Put a margin where, and to what element?

P.S.: Salut de la part d’un autre francophone!

(François Douville) #3

Between “badges / règlement lu” and the banner. It is too close.

(Denis Heraud) #4

Try changing the top margin on the “show-badge” container.

If it happens on pages other than the Badges page, maybe you can change the bottom margin on the “d-header” class and see if that fixes it.

(François Douville) #5

Thanks I add because it happens to all badges… so simple hehe {
margin-top: 18px;

(Denis Heraud) #6

Glad that worked for you!