Customize "Create a New Topic " and "Create Topic" Button

We would like to use Discourse to let users curate a list of recommended items and have discussion on the topic. We plan to use Categories as Taxonomy for the same and have user create their favorite products and we have discussion under the same.

Is there a way to rename or customize the “Create a New Topic” to “Create a new Product” and also change the button of the text under “Create Product” ? See below the ones we want to chagne.

Please suggest.

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You can change pretty much any text in Discourse. Using your browser inspector, find the CSS class to target and use a theme component to make the changes. You should also check out Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes, specifically, the section on Handlebars termplates.


In addition to the reply above, in your sites Admin, you can go to Customization, then Text, search “Create Topic” and change that to whatever you desire.


Thank you @osioke and @Qursch . I will check it out.


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