Customize Discobot User

(Jeff Atwood) #34

Only for new discobot conversations started after you made the name change, of course.


Makes sense, I was looking at one sent to me and realised that some time later. Thanks for your time!

(Ben Edwards) #36

Is there a way to change the “other” discobot icon that appears next to “Greetings!” below?

(Joe) #37

That’s an emoji in the message title. To change that go to the admin and edit


Here’s how you can do that:


I can find how to edit everything else except changing the message on @discobot’s profile: Hi, I’m not a real person. I’m a bot that can teach you about this site. To interact with me, send me a message or mention @discobot anywhere. We have changed its name but I see nowhere to change this profile summary once it has been created.

(Jeff Atwood) #40

Visit the profile and press the edit button … just like you would with any user, including yourself. :wink:


I don’t understand where…

(Jeff Atwood) #42

No, on the profile itself, like if you were that user, or if you were editing your own profile. Stop going through admin.

(Michael Howell) #43

Click Show Public Profile, then click Preferences, then click Profile.


Ah thank you. I did not find it clear that Profile is clickable! I appreciate both of your help.

(Haikal Pribadi) #45

@codinghorror the @discobot is amazing. But I’m trying to change it’s email right now, but it’s not letting me. To change the email, the system needs to send a confirmation email to the old email, which is set to discobot_email, which is not a real email.

How can we change the email for @discobot?

Ideally, we want to make it a full account with logins/password, would this be possible?

(Jay Pfaffman) #47

Why do you want to change discobot email? Perhaps look for notification email.