Customize Discobot User

(Andrew Pautler) #1

Is it possible to customize the ‘discobot’ user or change what user sends the default greetings, etc. messages (ex. Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.31.06 PM.png). We’d like these sorts of messages to be sent from a different user or customize the discobot user, so it has a different image, visible username, etc. Is this possible within the settings?

Edit DiscoBot "Greetings" msg + Customize Onboarding
(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You can change/customize the discobot username.

All text is editable. admin/customize/text content and then search for the text you want to replace.

(Andrew Pautler) #3

Can you change the discobot image? I’d like to change it to the company logo/icon, but don’t see a way to edit it.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Simply go to the user profile and press the edit button on the avatar, like any user would. Not sure why we get so many questions about this, something about it must be extra confusing…

edit: we added this hint to help

Discourse Narrative Bot Beta Feedback

I’ve run into a problem with the already beloved discobot feature.

A setting on our site conflicts with the advanced tutorial. Specifically, we have not enabled the “delete” button.

I could remove the part about the delete button from the second post in the tutorial, but it seems that the user will never be able to trigger the action needed for the tutorial to continue. The same would be true of the next post (about undeleting). I see that I could add instructions to “skip” the steps to get around them, but that would be unwieldy.

Are there any ways to remove steps from the sequence?

Alternately, if there were different settings for the “edit” and “delete” time parameter, we would enable this feature.

(Jay Pfaffman) #19

It sounds like your want a feature request to have discobot skip the delete requirement if deletions are made unavailable by site settings. Seems reasonable. @codinghorror?


I ran into another problem. I was successfully able to change the discobot username (let’s say to @custombot), it reacts correctly to the new username.

However, in it’s bio, it still says to mention @ discobot. It seems like the Bio does not get updated.

I found the bio string in the admin interface. Even though the username there is not hardcoded but referenced from a variable %{discobot_username}, it does not work.

Changing the text to something else also does not update the Bio of the @custombot user.
Is this a caching issue or a bug?

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Not a bug, if you change the name, it is on you to change the bio as well.


Thanks. I did not find any option to change another user’s bio from the admin panel (where you can change the username), so I assumed the bot’s was generated using mentioned string template. (what is its purpose then?)

I was now able to update the bio by impersonating the bot and edit his profile while logged in as the bot.

(Jeff Atwood) #23

Er what? You can edit anyone’s profile as an admin. Just visit their preferences and press the edit button.


Ah, sorry. I can see that now.

As an explanation, here is the workflow I used.
(All menu items are re-translated from the German localisation)

I’m still rather new to Discourse, so I intuitively “clicked around” to find what I was looking for.

  • (Hamburger) -> Administration -> Users
  • in the user list, click on “discobot”
  • change username and name to “custombot”
  • look for field/button to edit biography?
    • not found anywhere…
  • click on “Show public profile”?
    • hm, only a read-only statistics view, the same one I see as a non-Admin.
    • OK, but it makes sense, since the menu item was “Show public profile”, not “Edit profile” anyway.
    • (I did not see the submenu “Settings” at all when first visiting this page…)
  • click on “Impersonate user”
    • continue as if I would edit my own profile.

(Daniela) #25

Just click on Preferences and then Profile, no need to impersonate the bot

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #26

Hmm…the admin page for a user explicitly says to visit their profile for edits (and links to it too!). As @Trash points out, no need to impersonate.

(Viet Hoang) #27

I am an Admin on our Discourse board.

When I try to edit discobot’s username on its profile page I get the following message:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.

Any idea what the cause of this is?


Are you using SSO? Can you change other people’s usernames via their Discourse admin page?

(Viet Hoang) #29

Yes we are using SSO on our board.

I tried changing another admin’s and a normal user’s username. Got the same message.


Right - so your usernames are being handled outside of native Discourse by the SSO authenticator.
Where do you usually change usernames?

(Viet Hoang) #31

We update them via the SSO sync with our applications authentication system.

But discobot is a creation within the Discourse ecosystem and not within our application’s authentication. Are we to handle discobot’s username from our application end even though it doesn’t have a user record within our app’s user model (and thus no SSO record)?

(Viet Hoang) #32

Going along with this line of questioning it seems I need to turn off sso overrides username briefly to be able to update our discobots username?

Edit: Yep, doing the above worked!


I have changed the name of discobot to custombot but I am confused:

Doesn’t @%{discobot_username} source the custom name provided? Throughout our instance of the site, all use of @%{discobot_username} still displays as discobot, not custombot.