Customize email to open external link

When someone replies on my post I get email notification and it has a button at the bottom “Visit Topic”.
When you click on this button it takes you to exact discourse post.

Now instead is it possible to include an external url may be instead of exact discourse post url? so when user clicks on button “Visit Topic” it takes user to

Can you explain your use case? That sounds like it could be easily abused.

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The scenario is when the user receives email communication about new post and when he click on Visit Topic button I dont want the user to go to discourse to see the message that was posted.

Instead when the user click on Visit Topic button I want the user to go to my other website.

I think you need to think about this from your users’ perspective. If I were your user and clicked a link that said Visit Topic, I’d expect to be taken to the topic. If that didn’t happen, I’d think something was broken, or maybe even that I’d been phished. Perhaps you should consider modifying the email template to add a separate, additional link to your main website—one that’s clearly lableled and not likely to be seen as a trick.

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Make sense… my bad… the other website has all posts of a topic.

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Thank for your replies…
I know its the email template but is there any way to kind use the visit topic button as it is and just replace the default it has with the one I want.