Customize FKB Pro for Discourse community

What would you like done?
I would like a custom (possibly forked) version of FKB Pro deployed in my DigitalOcean Discourse. We have a few hundred members and active communication, and I think the Facebook-style newsfeed will increase readership and commenting.

Some of the work I’d like:

  • Deployment of the theme
  • Configuration of the theme styling to match our brand colors
  • Hardcoded left sidebar links to connect to the SSO content platform we use (Wordpress)
  • A feed of upcoming events on the right sidebar, preferably pulled from an ICS file (and/or Google Calendar share link) – see image below.
  • Right sidebar always-featured box with a headline and button to link to a document
  • Styling of the User Profile page
  • Add a “what’s your question?” prompt (a draft post) in the “newsfeed” at the top to encourage participation (see image below)

When do you need it done?
Looking to have this complete and launched before Dec 1, 2023.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Happy to pay market-rate for someone who is experienced. I would like to build an ongoing relationship where I can send additional projects as we have them.

Right Sidebar:

Newsfeed Draft prompt:


@Don - Apologies for the tag, however I wanted to get this on your radar in case you offer paid support. :slight_smile:

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