Improve indication of user's group membership

When looking at the list of groups (and we have many!) there is no indication which groups you belong to:

I belong in both of these groups, but I wouldn’t know it by looking at the list.

For open groups, there’s a join/leave button that implies your membership. But that doesn’t work for closed groups, which use the disabled button shown above.

There should be a general indication on the group list of which groups you belong to.

Relatedly, the list of groups on a user’s profile is no good either:

Not only does it use the username (which are cryptic in our case), but the when the list is long it’s hard to parse. It’s not even in alphabetical order!


Edit: there’s also no way to quickly see for which groups you are not just a member, but an owner.


I think a My Groups tab on the Groups page and Profile page would help a lot.

Additional features discussed at Group groups for groups page?


Absolutely support an indicator on the groups page just like we have on the badge page, makes total sense.

@tgxworld can you add to your list when you get around to cleaning up the group pages.


Something like this?


This is implemented in


What I did here was to limit the number of groups being displayed to 2 and included an ellipse which links to the groups page filtered by username.

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I haven’t seen this live, but this change seems to me worse than what was there before. If the information is useful enough to show (and it is), it should be shown in a readable format.

In what way is the format not readable?

The original version was hard to parse (which is what I mean by “readable” here – I realize the’re not quite mean the same thing).

The revised version, in which the information is hidden is worse because that information is impossible to parse unless you go looking for it. The ... is a small target and it’s easy to miss that it’s a link (is it blue or black?), and so on.

As I mentioned before, I’m a bit distracted at the moment with other things, but let me throw an idea out and see what you think:

How about a “Groups” tab, alongside “Badges”, etc. that displays this content: Discourse Meta

I haven’t thought it through fully, but it seems like it would work better.

Edit: all the other changes you listed earlier seem :ok_hand: to me! :heart:

Hmm I like this idea but I wouldn’t want to display the groups in a table form. Maybe in cards like how the badges are displayed?

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I see what you mean. Yes, listing the groups as cards would look rather nice! :slight_smile: