"customize" <- non-descriptive setting category


This is not to be nitty picky, it does not bother me, but I want to share it just as feedback.

For me the category header “customize” not describe the category (themes etc) well, not does it have anything differentiating, after all every setting is a form of customization right?

I understand not wanting to use something like “theming” because “theme” is meant to mean something specific. Maybe “look and feel”, “visuals”?

Not a native English speaker, so I may be wrong.

Thank you to the team and community for this amazing product and people around it.

ps. I realize this is a bit borderline in terms of being bug, but didn’t know where else to put it

I have not seen anyone asking about this before, “customize” seems right to me, but I’m not a native English speaker as well and I’m not fluent in this language :slight_smile:

So I don’t have any opinion here… But just in case you didn’t know, you can change pretty much every text string accordingly to your preferences in Discourse from the interface in Customize → Text


thank you, I’m aware of this functionality, but don’t really need it. Now that I know that I should find themes in there, it’s not a problem.

I think ‘customize’ is right in the sense that it is correct, but not ideal in the sense that it is not specific enough for a new user.

That said, you would expect any potential admin to learn things like this.

And I’m defenetly not a native english speaker, not even fluent one, but because of translations I see at my forum direct translation from customize and in the beginning it was a bit confusing — because it is same route where I’m installing totally new things.

But… everything else was as strange for me because I didn’t know how things work at all. After a couple of days even customize didn’t feel strange any more, though.

I don’t know what could be better term. Probably there isn’t any. And nowadays I don’t even care because muscle memory guides me :wink: