Daemonite Material Theme

I don’t use the theme, but my guess is:

button.create .d-icon {
    color: #000;

If it mess with other buttons, use this line instead

#topic-footer-buttons button.create .d-icon {
    color: #000;

Thank you very much. The first one has sovled one button problem.
Inside the thread I see now a black icon.

But on the main page “Categories” view I see still the grey “+” on the button:

This theme looks very nice and one of the best among all themes available for Discourse.
I saw it running on labs.daemon.com.au but the mobile experience is not that refined yet. Is that website using the theme with the latest updates?

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Your theme is absolutely beautiful and I’m currently using it. I also have the branded header theme component installed and I noticed that when I use your theme, my branded font awesome icons no longer appear. Whereas with my old theme, it will show those icons. It’s not displaying anything (not even the box) but is still clickable. Would you happen to know of some conflicting code that could be causing this to happen?

I just ran into another issue and I don’t know if it’s my specific customization, but I cannot delete images. I can upload them, but once I do, the buttons lose all functionality and I cannot delete or add a new photo. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi there,

we just wanted to let you know that we are currently experiencing rendering woes like

on our installation at https://meta.ip-tools.org/. As far as we know, we did not make any changes to the system, so the problem appears out of the blue for us.

Most probably it is due to “The connection used to fetch this resources was not secure” errors when trying to load the glyphs from Google Fonts:

We just wanted to leave a note about the issue and will follow up with an attempt to mitigate it by upgrading to the most recent software releases of all components.

With kind regards,

Apologies, reporting the last one was totally our fault. After bootstrapping a new workstation, we activated a bogus firewall setting which denied access to googleapis.com - no wonder these requests would fail. Sorry for the noise!

Nevertheless, it was a good chance to update the theme and receive the numerous updates @sesemaya pushed since end of January (https://github.com/Daemonite/discourse-material-theme/compare/83a7de732a13ac9f8bde60aaefbee39269c601fd...89f9f1347fb5755fdbab83f8350ebabe9d532857). As far as we can see everything works fine, so thanks again for the awesome work you are putting into this, Maya!

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I have this strange situation where the edit option is not shown in the interface. It’s there, if you hover over it the name appears and you are able to use it if you hit the right spot.
I have this user that keeps accidentally removing posts this way, which is quite unfortunate.

This is viewing a post in Material Design for Discourse and below the same in graceful:

Dear @Not-The-Foggiest,

we have been able to work around this issue as outlined at Some icons are not translated properly · Issue #17 · Daemonite/discourse-material-theme · GitHub the other day by adding this snippet at the appropriate place, effectively disabling the “alt-” variants of the icons to get them visible again:

// Fix MBT#17: Translate "-alt" icons to non-"-alt" ones to
// counter disappearing "edit"- and "delete"-post icons.
// https://github.com/Daemonite/discourse-material-theme/issues/17#issuecomment-479716834
classNames = classNames.replace('-alt', '');

It’s really just a quick workaround but might well help you along.

With kind regards,