Daily, identify which updated topics have not been seen by a moderator or regular

While it is presumed/hoped that all updated topics are at least viewed by a moderator or regular every day, I currently don’t know of any GUI way to get the list; perhaps an API query would work. It would be nice if there were a queue or list of topics that have not been seen by a regular or moderator after a short period of time like 24hrs.

Today in viewing every topic started much later than normal and saw that there were at least 2 topics that were known to have answers that did not get any answer. As such I am pretty sure that not one moderator or regular even looked at those two topics. One happened to be a new user who was getting sent to a page but they had to click on a bot. The problem is that if you don’t know it is a bot that needs to be clicked on you look at all the documents listed which can take hours.


Possible job opportunity for the daily report bot. :slightly_smiling_face: