Daily performance report not posted/generated

The setting daily performance report is on for a few days, but I’ve never seen such a report in my Staff category.

How can I find out what is going wrong? Can someone confirm this issue on their end?

I’m not sure how I could reproduce it in a timely manner. However, I’ll describe the thread: it is called “Website performance reports”, and updates each day with a reply that dumps nginx stats and such. There is only a single topic, each day gets a new reply.

Yes, difficult issue. I have not seen such a report on my board ever. It’s been on for a week now.

Have a look at your /logs there may be something explaining why it is not working.

I would, but there’s multiple errors in the log. Some might not be relevant. With actions I trigger I can refer to time time. What time is this report supposed to happen, so I can check if there is somethinf there at that time?

You can head to /sidekiq then click on schedules, trigger it right away and then look at logs for an error.

To be honest, I am going to pull this repo out of core discourse into a dedicated repo and maybe even “unofficialize” it.

Very few people use it and even one support topic for it is too much really of a burden.


I have never been a fan of this thing. Pull it is my vote.


Sure this is now done:

If the thing still works (which I will test on my blog) I will create an unofficial plugin topic for it. If broken, I guess this is the end of the road for this plugin.


OK tested on my blog, I don’t think this is working anymore… I am retiring this thing, source is still on my GitHub repo if anyone feels like playing with this thing.


@sam but how will I know how many days old my site is, at a glance?! :slight_smile:

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