Dashboard: move user visits table?

I bugs me a little (just a little) that ‘User Visits’ is a separate table on the Dashboard. To get a good sense of my community’s activity at a glance, it would help if it was part of the first table (users, topics, …).

I guess it would then also make sense to relabel ‘Users’ as ‘New users’ to clarify its meaning.

And to further clarify what ‘User Visits’ means - is that the # of daily active users, or user sessions during that day? Ideally, I’m more interested in knowing how many individuals are active during a day than the # of visits they’ve made (although that’s an important metric as well).

Hope this makes sense!

Now that you mention it, that is crazy that we have a whole separate table just for “User Visits”.

We’ll try to get that moved into the upper table today…