Change 'user visits' description to make it clearer that it refers to signed-in users

Are only ‘Signed-In’ user visits are counted in the ‘User-Visits’ report?

I doubt this is the scene (ie. only signed in users show) because almost any single days’ report shows around 1k Page views (excluding 'Crawlers), but users only show somewhere between 2 to 5. And my being a small local community, I can’t find it practical that only 2-3 or up to 5 users have viewed approx 1000 pages.

But on the other hand, I doubt it might be number of all users, whether signed in or not, because of the pop-up help shows “Number of All User Visits”.

Pls tell which is true.

The User Visits report will only count signed in users.

This query is using the user_visits table to count distinct visits, which records visits only for signed-in users, as indicated by the presence of a user_id field. Each record in this table corresponds to a visit by a signed-in user, and the table does not include entries for anonymous users.

The User Visits dashboard report is showing the same statistics as the Dashboard Activity Metrics for User Visits.

In comparison to the Dashboard Report - Consolidated Pageviews , that report is counting pageviews from the application_requests table, where there can be multiple pageviews per visit, which is why you’re showing more pageviews than user visits.


Thanks, that resolves it.
Well/But with a suggestion.

Won’t you agree that, in this case, then, ‘Pop-Up’ help should rather show Number of Signed-In Users instead of Number-of-ALL-user-visits.

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I’m glad I could help clear up any confusion here.

I would agree that the pop-up text for this report should show something like Number of Signed-In User Visits instead of Number of all user visits, for better clarity.

I’ll mention this with our internal team to see if we can make some improvements here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The text description for this report and the User Reports (Mobile) has been updated to indicate signed-in users with this PR: :tada:

Closing topic.


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