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(xiasummer) #88

very powerful. While canwe have some buttoms for some most used queries? You know, not so many people know how these commonds should be like I think.

(Dave McClure) #89

Folks have been collecting and sharing useful queries in this topic:

(xiasummer) #90

Why I did this but still find nothing. Where should I find the query window?


Can you confirm that the plugin is activated? If it is you should see it in the left nav when you go to /admin/plugins

(xiasummer) #92

O, I see it now. Thank you.

(Stephen Chung) #93

I am not sure if anybody is facing this same problem as I am.

On the one hand, I appreciate that certain fields (such as post_id, user_id) get turned into a preview of the actual item (e.g. the post itself) instead of a cold number.

On the other hand, it seems to sometimes choke on certain values.

For example, if I do a simple SELECT post_id FROM posts, it will come back with a 500 server error. Doing SELECT post_id as int FROM posts will work just fine.

So, obviously, there are post_id that, when Data Explorer is trying to get the corresponding item, will cause an error.

Thing is, I have seen sub-ranges like SELECT post_id FROM posts WHERE post_id BETWEEN x AND y work fine, while other ranges will throw a 500.

Is it just me or is anybody else getting these errors? They only happen if you’re trying to SELECT fields that have special display.

(Jay Pfaffman) #94

My guess is that there’s a limit to how many rows of can handle. I’d add a limit 100 to the query (or a big a number as well work).

(Mittineague) #95

AFAIK, the data explorer plugin has limit built in.

My guess is the plugin is trying to get posts (to display them) that are in messages or have been deleted and the plugin doesn’t have Admin privileges.

If you change from SELECTing the posts table to the badge_posts table (a view) does that work?

(Stephen Chung) #96

It is not the limit. I know there is a limit as to how many rows are returned. But the limit just chops off the rows, not return a 500.

I’ve had queries like SELECT post_id FROM posts WHERE post_id = xxx come back with 500 and that is certainly only one row.

And it is not limited to posts. Many other tables, as long as there is a field that has special display, there is a chance for the 500 to popup.

The first time I noticed this was selecting on post_custom_fields. Came back with a 500 and at that time I know which post it was. So tried to select the post in posts and it also came back with 500. post_id as int came back fine, though.

EDIT: I know I shouldn’t be whining without more data. I’ll find some time to trace down a few examples and post here.

(Mittineague) #97

Might it be because the posts table does not have a post_id field?

(Stephen Chung) #98

Unfortunately it is not that simple… :sweat_smile:

I made a typo. Should be id for the posts table and post_id everywhere else.

I traced some 500 failure records, and so far ALL of them have topics that are DELETED. Most of them are the first post of a deleted topic.

(Mittineague) #99

If you want to use the posts table instead of badge_posts try adding this to the query

WHERE deleted_at IS NULL

(Stephen Chung) #100


This works fine because the id is just a number on the posts table, not a special display:

SELECT id FROM posts

This throws 500; the special display on topic_id throw error:

SELECT id, topic_id FROM posts

This doesn’t work also:

SELECT topic_id FROM posts
WHERE deleted_at IS NULL

This works:

SELECT topic_id as int FROM posts

Conclusion: The problem is not the query. It is with special displays of topics, users and posts.

(Stephen Chung) #101

OK, I just found an example:

Topic is NOT deleted. It has a normal user and all fields look normal.

SELECT topic_id FROM posts WHERE topic_id=xxx will throw 500.

SELECT topic_id as some_other_name FROM posts WHERE topic_id=xxx works but without special display on the topic.

EDIT: The error logs are littered with this:

NoMethodError (undefined method `username' for nil:NilClass)
/var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-data-explorer/plugin.rb:52:in `username'
ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError (missing attribute: category_id)
/var/www/discourse/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.4.0/gems/activerecord-5.1.4/lib/active_record/attribute_methods/read.rb:71:in `block in _read_attribute'

(Stephen Chung) #102

I am pretty sure this is one of the causes:

inside the SmallPostWithExcerptSerializer where object is most definitely a post.

When user is nil (which can be when the post is deleted and the user also deleted, as in cleanup from SPAM), this will throw.

I’m sure it should be something like object.user && object.user.username.

Refer to:

which is correct.

(Stephen Chung) #103

As for this error, I believe somewhere is trying to display the category_id property of a topic but couldn’t find it because BasicTopicSerializer does not include the category_id as one of its attributes.

(Stephen Chung) #104

(Stephen Chung) #105

OK, the category_id attribute is added by the Babble plugin:

So I suspect that Data Explorer will get errors displaying topics (from topic_id) when Babble is installed.

(Anton) #106

So, how to unset the 1000 limit when making a call through API?

(Kane York) #107

Provide a limit parameter, e.g. limit=100000000. It must be finite.

… reading that, I’m not sure how format csv actually works…