Data explorer queries category header background is transparent

ux bug in data explorer, it appears the category heading background is transparent for any queries that have category results. the other headings are solid as normal but when category is a heading, the results scroll over the heading text and grey background:


screenshot from another query with category header:

another query with category:

i haven’t seen any other headings with transparent backgrounds yet.

seeing this in windows chrome desktop, and safari iOS desktop and mobile views. doesn’t matter what theme i use.

  1. go to data explorer plugin
  2. run any query that returns the topic category and enough results to scroll
  3. scroll down

Thanks for sharing! This is indeed a great catch :mag:


incidentally i did have a quick look at the dev tool console but there wasn’t anything obvious that i saw was causing it. very odd because it seems to me all those headers have the same properties.


I pushed & merged a fix for this in the component. It should update on the next deploy of sites.

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