Data explorer query code to show list of topic names and who has selected them since joining?

does any one have a Data explorer query code that I can use to see the number of people selected what tags when they joint the forum and what those tags were ?

eg when exported to Excel

list of tags ( what the tags are…not the number of tags)
then a list next to it that shows the number of people that selected that tag when creating a log in ?

I got no idea what you want to achieve.

When creating a new account, there is no way to select tags.

You can have additional fields, but not tags.

There is one way to archive this with a Custom Wizard plugin - you can set it to open a wizard for every new user where they will select tags of their interest. And there can be a custom action at the end of wizard that will post selected tags to user account or in topic or in PM to admin.

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thank you @4ong . we currently have the option for users to select tags of their interest i’m trying to view what tags users have selected.