Suggesting some UX for tag selection and tag filter

here are some suggestions for two flows related to tags:

  1. how tag filter works in the topic list
  2. how tags are shown after sign up to the user to filter them

the suggestions are useful if a forum has lots of tags and wants to give the user an easier option to see topics of his own interest.

Sorry the mock up is in Persian. but I guess the flow is understandable, please let me if it’s not and I’ll make them in English.

tag filter in a sample visit

when one opens the tag filter in the topic list, tags are shown as a select-able option (via a tik-mark):

as one select a tag, topics with that tag are shown in the topic list. and one can select several tags to be shown in the man page:

then after each visit, user selection is being saved for him, so that he only sees topics of his interest.

tag filter after signup

and in the first login, that is after the sign up process, all tags (or mother tags) are shown to user so he can choose among them for the initial filtering of topic:


Thanks for the mockups! I agree that we should allow multiple tag selection, and I think that’s something we’ll implement soon. Instead of checkmarks we’ll likely do something with multiple tags similar to the composer dropdown, where you click on tags to add them to the list.

A list of checkboxes can be a little tricky because if it’s a long list you might have to scroll up/down a lot see all of your selections.

I like this idea too, but I think it might make more sense as a plugin first. This would especially be useful for large communities that have users who may only be interested in a small number of categories/tags.


I guess this will be the case even when it’s like the composer dropdown.

Also another bad experience with the composer drop-down is that if you select 3 tags, the space is full and you can’t see the next selected tags. if you’re going to allow select more than 2 tags for the topic list, it’d be an unhappy experience here as well.

I agree, another use-case may be for a school forums with different tags showing different classes.

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