"Data export complete" but download not working

Anyone can help me with this issue below?

Thank you!

Are you seeing any relevant error in /logs?


I am not the server admin. Can I somehow get the logs via the web interface?

Yes, I meant - forum.example.com/logs.

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Does this help?

Are you hosted on Bitnami? That’s not officially supported. I recommend taking a backup and restoring on Discourse docker setup using our official install guide.


No, we are hosted on GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Bitnami has partnered with Google, so you’re actually using a Bitnami installation that we don’t support. It’s possible that your version of Discourse is an old version with a bug. You should reinstall your site as @techAPJ mentioned in his reply or ask support to Bitnami via GCP.


@Dax @techAPJ thanks for your help! Will follow up with them then.

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