Upgrading Discourse on Bitnami Google Cloud Platform (2020)

Hi everyone, I need some help figuring out the proper steps to configure Repo Sync with Discourse using the Bitnami Google Cloud stack.

The problem is that the instructions are about 1.5 years old, and many of the steps are outdated or wrong. For example, “/vLATEST_VERSION” is not supported, some commands are depricated and one actually causes a hang, requiring a force quit.

If anyone is interested in creating a new guide, I know many new admins will be greatful.

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Unfortunately you probably won’t get much response here because Bitnami is not a Discourse community-supported configuration. (That’s likely why the instructions are so old.)

But there might be someone brave out there who has tried it to help ya out. :wink: Good luck!


As @downey mentioned above we don’t support third-party packages here. If you need assistance with the Bitnami package you’re going to need to reach out to them.

If you decide to use the standard install we can definitely provide some assistance.


If your current version is working you should be able to take a backup and restore to a supported install.


I submitted a report to the Bitnami forums, hopefully someone who is paid by Bitnami will update their documentation.


Judging from the volume and regularity with which we get bitnami posts here I think that’s… unlikely.

That’s always going to be the problem with third party packages, they can be broken or the documentation fall out of sync with pretty much any change. Support is provided here on a best-effort basis and we can’t really dedicate any time cleaning up other people’s messes.

As a last resort and if you have a budget consider posting on the #marketplace to engage with a consultant.


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