Date displayed in /u/

At the moment it is April 10.

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Today means “in the last 24 hours” and thus the period where the statistics apply to starts yesterday.
It is indeed a bit odd how it says ‘today’ with yesterdays date.
On my forum I changed the text setting to Last Day
…or you couold change it to Last 24hrs



Did you look at the last updated note below the drop-down?


There’s still an inconsistency here though:

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 8.35.18 AM

It’s not a running 24 hour timeframe up until now, and depending on when the user looks at it ‘Last Day’ would also be misleading. That’s why the note was added.


Agree it would be better if “Today” showed today’s date. I’m not convinced the last updated note below that in the drop down makes that any clearer? In some ways it makes it more confusing.

What is that query actually retrieving? Is it last 24 hrs from the date/time shown in the note below?

The number of users shown below that is also a mystery. Is that supposed to fe the number returned in the query? On my forum the number shown for “Today” is actually higher than the number for the “All time” filter? On Discourse Meta the numbers are very close. Am I interpreting this number correctly?

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That is because the stats are updated at different time for different periods. So if you’ll compare “Last Updated” timestamp for “All time” and “Today” you’ll see that “Today” has been updated more recently.

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Fixed via:


For further discussion regarding period chooser use this topic: