User visit stats are not correct?

If I go into Discourse Meta, and select “Today” in the dropdown, I expect to see stats for today in the list below.

If I then sort the list by Visits, I’ll see some visitors with 1 visit and some with 2 (I assume that is because the query selects the past 24 hours, and not the last calendar date when finding visits)

If I click into the profile some of the users with 1 or 2 visits today, for example Profile - Rene - Discourse Meta

According to the text at the top of the page, he was last seen “Apr 9th” - how is that possible if he has 1 visit in the last 24 hours? Are these timestamps only calculated every x hours?


This issue has already been observed before, see e.g.

But it’s not clear how it can be fixed :frowning: