Insert Date / Time Question

When entering a date/time for today, it shows up as image

The next day, it shows as image

Then - image

Finally, it shows the actual date / time image

Would it be possible to skip all that stuff and just always show the date & time?

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At the moment there is no option. Can you expand on why you see the current behavior a problem? Reasoning about the word “Yesterday” seems easier to me that Feb 1

All of our articles that we post have the date & time, some are just part of the article and other we input using this function.

While it’s not necessarily a “problem”, the use of “Last [ Day ]” has sparked some discussion. A few people have wondered if that meant the previous week. I realize it changes to the date when 48 hours have passed, it’s just the wording that is causing the confusion.

The “Last Monday” for some reason makes people think those are last weeks’ articles and not two days ago articles.

The “Today” and “Yesterday” are fine; although just the date would be preferable.

I totally get this can be confusing. “Last Monday” can be very ambiguous. @joffreyjaffeux how do we trigger that? I can not seem to trigger a “Last Monday” using preview?


It has to have been less than 48 hours ago.
(Screenshot of that ^ when I posted it.


I’ve never seen this “last monday” verbiage before. I don’t support any change to the current behavior.

I assure you it’s there, here’s an example of what we have today.


I understand that you don’t want to change anything, and I thank you for your input. I’ll just have to keep on explaining it to people.

Again, thanks.

Yes, it happens if the date is less than 48 hour ago. (or for dates in the future, until the ‘end of tomorrow’ in your timezone)

You can control it with the calendar= variable


[date=2020-02-04 time=18:00:00 timezone="Europe/London"]


(screenshot for future reference: Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 16.14.14

With calendar=off

[date=2020-02-04 time=18:00:00 timezone="Europe/London" calendar=off]


(screenshot for future reference Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 16.14.49 )


Ah! Thank you very much! This helps!


I’m not saying don’t change anything, I tend to agree “last tuesday” is a bit overly verbose.


@joffreyjaffeux any objections to me stripping Last Monday etc… out and just leaving Yesterday and Tomorrow? Seems like an easy change to me.


Not objections :slight_smile:


LOL - Yesterday and Today, I think you mean. :wink:

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Maybe leave yesterday, today, and tomorrow? I think they’re all pretty clear?



Yes absolutely, that is good and not ambiguous


I’m wondering about the ability to just display a time + timezone without a date ala 7:30AM PST.

[time=07:30:00 timezone="America/Los_Angeles"]

rather than

[date=2020-05-23 time=07:30:00 timezone="America/Los_Angeles"]

Do you mean recurrence, as in every day at that same time?

Doesn’t need to be recurring, just wondering if there is a way to insert time alone (including time zone) so it will be clear to users in other time zones without prepending “today” or “tomorrow” or “monday”.

I suppose it doesn’t matter so much. :+1: