Insert Date Timezone is always UTC ; my Timezone is ignored

When I create a date with “Insert Date” Button it creates something like

[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone="Europe/Berlin"]

I’m on Timezone Europe/Berlin. But, the html result shows “22:00” instead of “20:00”.

When I change the generated code to:

[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone=Europe/Berlin]

it works like a charm.

Here at it works correctly. My forum is at v2.4.0.beta2 +316


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Let’s try here, I’m in France, but it’s the same TZ

[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone="Europe/Paris"]


[date=2019-08-20 time=20:00:00 timezone=Europe/Paris]


results in


Did you reconfigure your server time/time zone away from UTC?

Yes, as I wrote here it works. I guess it is something in the diff from the version here to mine. I remember that it already worked before a couple of updates I made.

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No, it is still UTC.

What’s your browser? It’s not related to your server, but is YOUR computer clock correctly configured?

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I tested Firefox and Chrome/Chromium on Windows, Linux and Android. On each browser it is the same behavior. Oh and my clock is always Europe/Berlin.

Can you try this in the console of a browser currently browsing a discourse forum:

says: "Europe/Berlin"

at my forum as well as at

Ok will investigate in the next days, thanks for info.