Date Time Drops Time If It is Locally Midnight

The date/time feature is extremely useful for our international organization to list events in local times. We love it, especially not to send people out to third party time zone clocks.

I noticed today that when something occurs at midnight local time, the time stamp displayed disappears and just shows the day of the week. I thought my codes were wrong, but this seems to be how it works. Can time stamps that resolve to midnight include maybe “12:00 AM” like the drop down?


It’s actually made on purpose following other’s feedback years ago: FIX: removes time from date in calendar range at midnight (#10751) · jjaffeux/discourse@2b254f4 · GitHub

One solution is to disable calendar logic:

[date=2021-10-01 time=00:00:00 timezone="Europe/Paris" calendar=false]

Would that be acceptable for you?


Thank you Joffrey, it looks like this works-… it then removes the “Today, Tomorrow” as display options (not a problem), are there other effects of this setting?

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Yes it removed the fact that when a date is close, it will attempt to display the name of the day, or some fancyness like tomorow/yesterday.

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