DAU/MAU Graph Seems To Be Calculated Incorrectly

Our DAU/MAU graph is showing as being over 100% which, unless I misunderstand what it’s calculating, should be impossible?

Not sure what the cause is but the table version is more reasonable hovering in the mid-60s


Perhaps if one had 2 users in whole of the last month (or prev 30 days may be) and today your site has 202 users, in just one single day, then his Dau/Mau would be 101%

Thought over it/Calculated as much as my brain permitted.

Also, though the error pointed by you isn’t visible to me on my site, but it seems that I’ve stumbled upon another, as mentioned by me here.

Math aside, the table listed 60% and the chart showed, like, double that, as you can see.

Definitely a bug of some kind.

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