Dau/Mau seems to show an error

DAU/MAU graph seems to be missing a dot. See the below given screenshot of my own admin panel:

I think the Dau/Mau pop up tries to clear how did it reach the current number. Which, in my case is shown to be 12.9%-10%= 2.9%, but it is showing 29% (in the popup)

12.9% is a 29% increase over 10%? :confused:

A 2.9% increase would be 10.29%

So I believe the UI is correct.


That’s what I’m saying (if I’m still not wrong).
I think that if my score was 10.0% in the prev period, and, as the pop up is showing, it has 29% positive change, then it’d have become 39%, but it has only become 12.9% (rounded to 13%).

So pls do me a favour of looking at the popup shown in the screen shot again.

I think 2.9% increase (over 10%) would be 12.9% not 10.29%

To be bit more clear on what I’m thinking (I"m fully open to me being wrong):
2.9% increase over 4% would be 6.9%


The UI provides a generic % increase of whatever is being measured.

In this case it just happens to be a % (which I appreciate might add some confusion?).


Perhaps you’re saying that 2.9 % / percent increase is not 2.9 per cent/hundred, but 2.9 are calculated/are parts of 10 (I can’t write 10 per cent here, because ‘cent’ itself means 100, so it’d be contradictory).

I think you are over-complicating this?

It is just the percentage change of the value being measured. That’s it.

If the first number was 10, and the second 12, the percentage increase is 20%.

For comparison, look at measures that are not %'ages, they work identically.


Ok got it.

But perhaps some others like me might think along the lines I thought/took it to be.

Thanks again, at least it is clear to me now.

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Sure, but I think for simplicity it is applied the same for all graphs.

Take a look at sign-ups for example, not a percentage measure, but the percentage change is done exactly the same way.

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