Dealing with low value posts, what's the motive?

Two issues:
First issue - My forum is experiencing an influx of what appear to be unrelated accounts often posting, but not exclusively, what we deem as low value posts.

The low value posts take the form of simple replies that agree with a previous reply or replies that could pass as a bad Google translate copy and paste, that are usually not very beneficial to the community. You could categorize the reply as “fluff” that is on topic, but not overly helpful to the OP.

How do you deal with low value posts, and how do you deal with repeat offenders of low value posts?

Example 1: “that is an excellent post you have shared that will be beneficial to me in the future. I did not think it would be beneficial.”

Example 2: "

Second issue:
Some on the mod team believe there is some concerted effort by a collection of members to reply to each other on multiple topics, over weeks and months, creating not just a low value reply, but now a low value discussion. Geo data doesn’t point to any similarities in location, other than being non-US and in Asia (West, South and South East Asia). We have a global audience, so traffic from these areas is common.

What motive could a member(s) have in maintaining an account long term, posting majority fluff replies but not spamming with commercial intent or sending PMs to do something similar? In the past, we’ve experienced accounts who would post an internal link from somewhere else on our website, and then come back later and change the link to an external, spammy/commercial link. This doesn’t appear to be the case either.



Here on Meta we delete those types of posts. If someone repeat offends, we politely ask them to stop. If they continue, we take more formal action (warn, suspend, ban).

If you continue to allow low quality content, you’ll lose your high quality members.


At they had a account that was actually a bot that gave replies. After many flagged post the bot account was finally remedied.

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What is the point of the bot?

I don’t get what the end game is on our end.