Are you experiencing AI based spam?

Im curious to hear from community members whether they are experiencing any or an uptake in AI powered spam

This would be specifically seeing answers to questions that look like they are ChatGPT based and seem either non-human like or have hallucinations (a common problem with LLMs)

I am experiencing AI based spam

  • Yes
  • No
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If the answer is yes Im curious to hear…

  • How often this is happening?
  • How much of a problem is this creating within your community?
  • What are you currently doing about it?

If the answer is no Im curious to know…

  • How are you preventing this from happening?
  • Are there reasons as to why your community inherently doesn’t face this issue?

We just use AI as a tool to seek knowledge, maybe a little causal chat.
Perhaps our community is small, and has a common sense that hallucinations are BAD


Private community (login required, invite only).


I reckon the most effective way to stop anykind spamming is being member of very small and difficult language. It stops those clowns who are doing manual labour.

Well, we all know spammers aren’t that smart and automatic traffic doesn’t care of language, genre or even size. So, there must be another reason why some forums or sites are like honey pots for anykind trash and others live without drama.

For the reason why spammers can sign in there and can’t somewhere else when system and setup should be identical I don’t have answer. But one thing is sure: admin’s or other background force’s need to increase fast growth from global audience will lead to bot ans spam problems.