Default category based on group

For my courses I gather my clients on Discourse. There they can meet clients from other courses.

Each course has its ‘private’ category. And there’s a public category for all clients. The public category is now set as the default category, but it turns out some clients forget to select a category and post private stuff in the public category.

So my feature request: set a dynamic default category based on your group membership.

I realize this might be plugin territory.


What if a user is a member of multiple groups that have different default categories?

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There is such a thing as “Primary Group” for a Discourse User, this could be used.


Thanks. I didn’t realize that there is a primary group.

Our (The Seasteading Institute) new Discourse forum website isn’t even opening to the user base until a week from today. Plus at this point we have no specific plans to use custom groups.

However I can foresee some future circumstances in which we might want to use custom groups with “private” categories. And in that case it might be beneficial to have a group-based default category.

I have the same problem in the same context.

It would be really great that by default a new post from a user of a specific group will default to the group’s category.

It’s an usability issue, not a security one. The goal is to avoid mistakes when the user create a new topic.

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It’s still on my wish list as well.


I have the same problem, any solution for same ?