User Selectable Specific Category - Default Main Page

The feature to have Categories as the front page is now available. In a community where users are only interested in a certain category and don’t care about the rest, is there a way to set this up in Discourse? Or possibly a mod or plugin to accomplish this?

For example, each category is a sport, e.g. basketball, football, etc. Upon logging into Discourse, the user goes to football as the default first page defined during sign up or under preferences setting.

Pls be nice. My first post. :wink:

Welcome @TopQuark!

Check out, which I suppose I should make a post in #theme for. A client combines it with to allow users to choose a value in a user custom field which automatically assigns them to the group which the theme component then uses to select their home page.

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^^^ This is great. A quick look shows this is what I am looking for. :+1:

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I have discussed with @sam and @eviltrout an end state where users select just the stuff they want to see (collection of tags / categories) as “their” feed, as in /custom.

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We already have the ?tracking path for this: → unread in categories you track and topic you track and tags you track → new → everything

The support for the special param is there in core, there is just no UI to expose it. We only expose it in “teams”.