Improve titles with primary groups

Continuing the discussion from Primary group not made primary:

I suggest that if a user receives a primary group with a default title that the user’s title get updated unless the title has been set manually.

Current behavior is that a new primary group overrides the title of another primary group, but it does not override the title of another regular group. This creates the bizarre situation where if you want a truly primary group with regard to title, you need to make sure to not set it as a primary group. It also means that the behavior is opposite of the way flair works with primary groups.

Surely if it overrides primary groups it should override regular groups?

OK, I see, @xrav3nz worked on this recently.

Basically you want title for automatically set as primary group to win against groups that don’t have automatically set as primary group with regard to titles.

Sounds like a reasonable change to me.