Default to whisper?

We use our forums for technical support and are utilizing whispers heavily for coordinating those responses.

Is there any way to make it so that all staff replies are whispers by default?

If there is not: is there extensibility that would allow us to make that happen?

Thank you!

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There is no way to do that, but a plugin to offer that functionality shouldn’t be too hard to write.

What concerns me more is what we discussed previously about the experimental aspect to the feature, where some users will see incorrect post counts right now.

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That is a concern but one we can explain. However, our concern is communicating something publicly and inappropriately.

Thank you @eviltrout - I’ll take it up in house.

One other question: is there any chance you would consider implementing this? Or would this be a no-go for core?


Speaking of, the “How do I’ …” topic still hasn’t cleared for me.

I’ve been tempted to make a non-whisper post in it to see if that would do it but have restrained myself from doing so.

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Yep the last two posts on that are (unnecessary) whispers. @lisajill given all the weird edge cases around this feature, are you sure you want it on all the time by default? It could lead to a very broken site experience for your users…

In-context Staff-staff communication on support subjects is critical and we researched this for months to build in-house due to that. I was overjoyed when it was in Discourse: so yes, I am positive we need this. I am hoping you figure out the reply count and we’ll be looking at the plugin path.

Hi, we are testing a similar setup and the request to default to whisper has come up as well. @lisajill or anyone reading this topic, I wonder if such plugin exists somewhere?