Creating a whisper post

:bookmark: This guide explains how to create a whisper post in Discourse, including how to enable the feature and use it effectively.

:person_raising_hand: Required user level: Users in whisper-allowed groups

Whispers are a feature in Discourse that allow for private discussion within a topic or personal message. This guide will walk you through enabling and using whispers.

Enabling whispers

Before whispers can be used, an administrator needs to enable them:

  1. Go to your site settings
  2. Find the whispers allowed groups setting
  3. Add the groups you want to allow to use whispers

Once enabled, all members of the allowed groups can create and view whisper posts.

Creating a whisper

There are two ways to make a post a whisper:

Method 1: Using the composer toolbar

  1. Start composing a new post
  2. Click the :gear: (gear) icon in the composer toolbar
  3. Select “Toggle Whisper”

Method 2: Using the reply toggle menu

  1. Start composing a new post
  2. Click the reply toggle menu in the top left corner of the composer
  3. Select “Toggle whisper”

Once you’ve toggled the whisper option, the composer will indicate that your reply will be a whisper. The indicators include:

  • An eye-slash icon for the reply toggle menu button
  • The normal “Reply” button is replaced with a “Whisper” button
  • Text in the composer preview is italicized

Additional information

  • Replying to a whisper will automatically bring up the composer with the whisper option toggled on.
  • Whispers are permanent by default. You cannot convert a whisper to a normal post or vice versa.
  • If you need to change a whisper to a normal post (or vice versa), you’ll need to delete the original post and create a new post.
  • The Toggle Whisper theme component can be installed to allow converting between whispers and normal posts.

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