Default topic timer to auto-delete replies!

Would love for there to be a way to have a default topic timer for all new topics created in a category, to auto-delete replies that are n days old.


You can set one for close or bump in the category settings (on the Settings tab):

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My goodness, I posted so fast after searching I forgot to clarify what kind of topic timer.

I want to set a topic timer for all new topics in a category, to remove posts that are 30 days old.

I updated the title and OP.


Ha. :slight_smile: No worries. I don’t believe there is one currently for ‘auto-delete replies’, though I think there is a feature request for it

Nope. I can’t find it. I could’ve sworn I’d seen one. :thinking:

But it would make a good addition. :+1:


Topic updated.


Just to link it up - it was also requested/suggested here too - How to set auto-delete replies on the category level

And I linked in there to some replies in this topic Auto-delete topics the same as auto-close feature - #7 by PhilippBoeing which also suggested it too (though the feature topic itself is about something a little different)


You might see if this Plugin Author might be willing to do a feature request to extend this plugin features.

That plugin serves an entirely different purpose, so I would suggest creating a new plugin for this. Although it would be better to see this in core.


Agreed but figured your plugin might have a reasonable base line to build from.

Off hand how does the team handled their auto delete reply topics? is it manually done ?

You can set a topic timer on a topic that auto-deletes replies after a number of days.
This feature request merely asks to be able to set it on a category so it applies to all topics in that category by default.

(That’s also why I think the Delete Unreplies Topics plugin is not suitable as a base for this, that plugin removes topics that do not satisfy a certain condition, which is functionality that is not already available. This feature request would only need to implement a category setting and apply that to every new topic upon creation).


@JammyDodger just wanted to bump this: Any chance this feature has made it to any lists? :grimacing:


I’m afraid this one. hasn’t been allocated any dev time as yet. :frowning: